Saturday, January 08, 2005

Why Freecycle International? has set up some rules for freecycle groups, some flexible, some more rigid than others. This flexibility is highly appreciated and give local moderators some leeway to structure their groups according to local situations. There seem to be a rule/guideline that says items OFFERed should involve should be items that help divert things away from dumpsites? So items like free gmail account, software, services are a no no as these are not physical things.

Over at Malaysia Freecycle Network, we have had offers of gmail accounts, an interesting variant of Chinese chess software, CD, even free advice (partly in fun and fully serious and RELEVANT to freecycle). Someone even posted a WANTED message for malabar spinach berries/seeds. All these can easily be shipped, downloaded or read from anywhere in this whole wide world, and definately can be beneficial to members. So, why restrict them? Members are of course into freecycle because of the noble motivation of wanting to divert things from dumpsites, helping the environment, helping others. But what exactly is wrong with occassionally benefiting from our frecycle activities and having some fun in the meantime? Do we want to be dour, rigid, fun killing, repulsive freecycle people?

Since idle chatter is also discouraged in freecycle groups, we think it is a good idea to set up a blog for people read what others think, to empty their thoughts, influence the direction our groups are going, etc. So here it is folks:

Comments have been enabled, even for anonymous commentors, so if you so decide, you can choose to not register/log in. You can easily click on the [comment] button and leave us your thoughts. We are not worried about inappropriate comments as comments that are pornographic, irrevelavant, etc. can easily be deleted so as to not offend visitors.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

International Freecycle Network

The International Freecycle Network, where one person's trash is another's treasure! We are "changing the world one gift at a time". This site is for the passengers of Spaceship Earth, which I suppose, include all of us. This list was started because items which can be relevant to the whole world were posted to the Malaysian Freecycle Network, which was set up primarily for the inhabitants of Malaysia. Since we can't ask the whole world to join us at MFN, we thought that we will then go the the "world". This is a FREEcycle list, so ALL items must be 100% free, legal & appropriate for all ages. Feel free to post your OFFERS here by adding your comments.

Use Freecycle to organise and DE CLUTTER. simple, brilliant idea that's changing the world one gift at a time.